Jul 29, 2009

Bowling at Fat Cats


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The kids, cousins, Nana Grandma Jefferies and I met Sara Langlois, her boyfriend Steve Fisher and his brother Jake at Fat Cats bowling alley in Provo, Ut. Eli invited his friend Shaylie. We love bowling there because there is fun music, black lights and nice light weight balls for the kids to use. We all just enjoyed dancing while we waited for our turns and even tried a little breakdancing on the cool wood floors. Notice my technique. :) Pretty good, huh

Jul 22, 2009

Sea World! What a fun place to be!!!!

Time flew by way too fast while we were here in Sea World. So much fun to spend time as a family. Loved the Shamu show more than anything!!!! Amazing what they can do!!!!

So we went to this 4D movie...with the Sesamee Street Characters. Abbie was a little freaked out because she can't stand to see any kind of character in person! Chuck-E-Cheese, any Disney Character....etc...I had to get them sporting those cool shades for sure! Eli looks not so impressed huh? It was kind of hot waiting......

One of the most favorite things the kids did was touch the sting rays. Mason was actually a little squeemish about it at first, but after watching everyone do it, he got a little more into it. I think after a while you're watching so many of those trainers riding and touching the whales and dolphins and pretty soon you just want to get your hands in there too! This is a great way to do it! Those sting rays felt so neat! Kind of rubbery and soft but muscley too!!!!

This really has been a fun summer with these kids! They are such good travelers! It helps that G'ma and G'pa Crawford have given them DS's. Can't remember what those stand for, but they are these hand held video game things that they love and keeps them quite entertained for hours.
We let everyone take turns picking what we were going to see so they all felt like they got to see and do what they wanted. Mason picked the ride....forgot the name of it. Great.....showing my bad memory....well it's this ride that is kind of rollercoasterish and kind of log ride like....Abbie freaked out. She certainly is not a daredevil. She is always afraid of new things, and most of the time we can talk her into trying new things. After she rode the ride, she let us know she still didn't like it and not to make her do that again! I think the people in line thought we were so terrible because she was screaming she didn't want to try it and we kept saying she had to do it once!
Eli is definitely the one with the imagination in our family. We have fun watching the kids and seeing how different each one is. We gave the kids a "summer bonus" of $20.00 when we got to CA. We told them they could spend it how they liked and advised them that they would probably want to wait until the got to Sea World. It's funny because Eli is just ready to burn a hole in his pocket! We weren't in Sea World 5 minutes when Eli just started to ask if he could buy this and that! This sword lights up blue in the night. We didn't get to Sea World until Tuesday evening. The first show we went to was the Dolphin show and he spent his first $7.oo on this! Abbie followed and bought one too. I tried to talk her out of it, thinking she would surely want something more girlie, but of course, she is always trying to keep up with the boys! Mason on the other hand is THE SAVER of the family! He kept waiting for that perfect thing to buy! Much more like David.....The final day he decided to buy a churro. BIG DEAL! We talked him into getting a souvenier and he hestitantly bought a t-shirt. He seemed a little depressed that he spent his $20 and wondered when he would ever be able to save up that much money again! LOL Kind of funny, and cute.....
Here's one of the many times Abbie was "playing" her guitar! Quite the rocker girl!!!
We had so much fun while we were waiting for the shows to start. I know, I know...it looks really hot here...and it was...but seriously, they would play music and stuff and the kids would just start to dance. Especially Abbie Claire. She is a hoot!!! One of the evenings, we were waiting for the Shamu show to start and Abbie started to play her sword that lit up like a guitar. She had everyone around her watching! (and laughing) Never a dull moment in the Crawford family!

Being at Sea World with the kids was so much fun! We were able to find really good tickets that ended up being cheaper to go for the rest of the season than for one day. It is really amazing what they are able to get those whales and dolphins to do! The kids really enjoyed it so much!

Jul 7, 2009

VIsiting Oak and Kaneil in Exiter, CA

We stopped in to see Oak and KaNeil on the way up to San Jose. It's really nice that they live only a few hours away from Grandma and Grandpa Crawford. We got to see their new house and also the McDermont Field House. We did all kinds of things there. They went on a huge inflatable slide, had $40 each to play video games and also played lazer tag. Mason even tried to surf there! Oak took us to a yummy pizza place after to top the day off before we headed up to San Jose.

Jul 6, 2009

Swim Team June 2009

The boys are really enjoying Swim team this year. They are doing so well and just finished the Butterfly stroke. They were both on relay teams that earned blue ribbons! Way to go!!! We left last week for California to go and do hair and to be with family for the week and missed out on Breast Stroke. Eli was glad to miss that stroke. They got disqualified last year by doing a flutter kick instead of the breast stroke kick.... kinda funny....one day they will like breast stroke, but for now, they just like free style and butterfly....