Aug 31, 2009

Talent Show

Abbie wanted to do a Hannah Montana song, got all dressed up as you can see, and then got stage fright once we got to the church. I talked her into finally getting up there....thus the reason for me in a little part of the video. But she actually had fun and did a good job once she got on stage!


The boys really look up to David. They have learned how to breakdance a little bit. So when talent shows are done in the wards, they always like to sign up. So here are their "attitudes" in the pictures. I guess you gotta look "cool" and "mad?" I don't know....Eli just doesn't look so happy, but he loves to dance. You can click on the link to watch the video if you'd like.
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Abbie at the Talent show doing Hannah Montana

August 29, 2009 7:56pm

Abbie had to overcome a big fear tonight! She is always dancing around the house, and wanted to be in the talent show....but when it came time to perform, she burst into tears and didn't want to go up. I told her I would come on stage with her, and as you can see, I quickly walked off the stage and Abbie did a GREAT job performing for a live audience! Go Abbie!!!!!

Mason, Eli and David breakdancing with friends Schuyler and Ethan

August 29, 2009 6:50pm

We had a talent show Saturday evening. It was SOO fun! The boys just think the world of David and he is just a big kid. He's 36 and still doing break dancing! That's my man! :) So, here it is, the video of them dancing. They put this little routine together an hour before it started. They had great intentions of starting earlier, but they are just so busy. I think they did really well though!

Aug 27, 2009

Who's in Charge anyway?

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I don't know what you think, but I think it is more difficult to raise a girl. I'm SO grateful to have a daughter, don't get me wrong...but on numerous occasions, I have been questioned by Abbie "Why are YOU in charge?" Really? Are you kidding? I don't think I ever dared to say that when I was a kid... Well, maybe I did....if you ask my sister Brook, she claims that I was always making up what we were going to play and then I got to be the one in charge. I was the Primary President or the Secretary and wanted people to come and be my primary kids or clients or whatever other idea I would drum I guess I've got a daughter like me. Serves me right, huh? :)
Abbie is such a great daughter. She keeps us smiling and laughing and really knows how to keep the attention on her. She is quite a great leader and I'm still trying to learn how to channel the "leadership quality" that she possesses. She often has her friends mad that she is always the boss or gets to chose what they do and I try to teach her that she will NOT win friends and influence people this way!
There are LOTS of stories to tell about Abbie being "in charge" but there's one I'm thinking about tonight.
SO, I go on Thursdays to help at the kids' school...and after I got done today... I went into the office to check out and the secretary (Lisa) told me that yesterday a couple of kids had gotten into a fight on the bus. Well, Abbie took matters into her own hands and had a "death grip" (as Lisa said) on one of the boys arms and walked them into the new Principal's office and said "Miss Householder (while making a form of a house over the top of her head) these boys got in a fight on the bus and they are supposed to come and talk to you!" -----side note, the Principal wanted the kids to remember her name, so she walked into every class and held her hands over her head in a "v" and said "I'm Miss Householder, and this looks like a house over my head. This way you can always remember my name" Well...apparently Abbie thinks that when you address the principal, you need to do the actions with the name! Mercy, she is funny.
Long story short, I guess Miss Householder came out to Lisa and said, "Do you know who that little blond girl is?" And Lisa said "yes". Miss H said "She sure knows what she wants! No fear in that little girl!" Lisa said "Yep, probably will be the first Lady President of the United States!" Kinda funny. Really, what's funny is that Abbie is afraid of things like Chuck E Cheese, but apparently doesn't blink going into the Principal's office.

Aug 26, 2009

Meanest Mom in Mesa

My kids would say I should win this prize for sure! I am just trying to get them to be a little more....well, just a little better each day. I don't think I'm alone in saying this. I'm sure most of you moms all feel the same way!
We have been trying to be better about scripture reading this year and made a family goal to get up each morning at 6am to read. Now, mind you, we have 1 1/2 hours to get ready to get on the bus when we get up this early. Not a real challenge when you don't have THAT much to do to get ready!
So, after scriptures, Mason laid back on the couch and I thought to myself "I'll be nice and let him stay there for a bit...." but eventually, I started to give out the orders (in a nice voice of course) eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, do your hair, etc..... I even pack their lunches....
Needless to say, Mason almost missed the bus and let me know it was my fault that he didn't have time to blow his nose! LOL! Really?
Kids are funny. I love them to pieces, I really just cracks me up that I try to teach them to be good and self disciplined and courteous....and then I get the blame when they run out of time to do the things they wanted to.
To go with this story, I must mention what a GREAT KID Mason really is. He is very kind hearted and loving towards most people. He has been so kind in helping Andrew our neighborhood friend on the bus and walking to class and stuff. I love Mason so much and feel like he is so Christlike. I just had to mention this morning's events because sometimes a blog can make you feel like your life is always perfect and rosy and I would like to see some "real" happenings sometimes. I'm always for speaking the real truth. That is what usually gets me in trouble, but it's my I can do it, right?

Aug 21, 2009

Abbie at Hunter's House

Tawni sent me these pictures to show me what Abbie has been doing while I've been away. I am so grateful for such good friends and a good neighborhood that I don't have to worry about my kids while I'm gone. I couldn't ask for anything more! Doesn't Tawni make cute collages? She's the best!

Aug 20, 2009

Male Bonding

I'm in San Jose this week doing hair. Something I do every 6 to 7 weeks. I like to sit at the computer during my breaks to keep my sanity! 13 hours in the same bathroom doing hair for 5 days could make someone CRAZY! So, I found these pictures on Bob and Linda's computer and since David forgot to bring his camera for this momentous occasion, I thought I'd borrow pictures to document it!
Greg turned 40 this year and wanted to go skiing with his dad. Linda thought it would be fun to have David fly in and Donny come and they could surprise Greg and all go as "just the guys". Here is a picture of them before they left to go skiing.
They went skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite, CA. One of the Crawfords favorite places to go
David doesn't get too fancy with his ski attire. He usually sports jeans and a fleece jacket and that is about the extent of it.
Here they are in all their glory! DonNY, BoB, GreG, and DaViD!

Aug 17, 2009

Abbie's favorite Client!

So....I have several favorite clients...but as you can see Denise is Abbie's favorite. Denise works with David at Lifeskills School and is one of the counselors. She comes out from Surprise, AZ to get her hair done. SO LOYAL! Denise is SO funny and fun. She's got an accent from Oklahoma and is just a kick! She lets Abbie have a ride in her cool convertible car before she leaves. Lately, she has even bribed Abbie with a slushy to rub her feet while I do her hair!

Aug 15, 2009

Fun Day in the Sun part 1

David is such a fun dad! He would rather be with his family than anyone else! It was his idea to take the kids to Big Surf today! I love the umbrellas here! Looks like we are on a tropical island or something! (I WISH!)
Mason enjoying his need one of these to catch the waves!
I always say that Eli is our fish! He would live in the water if he could! He looks very content here, huh?
A look at the front of Sunsplash. It's in Scottsdale. Our passes actually get us into any of the 3 places. Mesa, Scottsdale or Phoenix. The kids prefer this one, but we usually go to Sun Splash since it's the closest!

Grandma and Grandpa Crawford get us Season Passes every year at Christmas to go to Sunsplash and Big Surf! Now that school is in, it is only open on we thought we'd go as a family and enjoy some fun in the sun!
Abbie still doesn't quite reach the height before going into the wave pool, she had to put on a life jacket. Poor girl. She has her moms genes in the tall department! Wish I had her genes in the skinny department!
Abbie was so excited that this year she is getting daring enough to go on some of the waterslides. According to her, this was the scary one! The other picture is after she landed. Note: the water is like 2 feet deep! :) Cute huh?

Aug 14, 2009

Abbie Claire age 4

So it's funny....I have found a whole new world out there since I've been taught a few things, actually ALOT thanks to Tawni! My friend Amy Griner took this picture of Abbie a couple of years ago and I didn't know how to retrieve it. I LOVE it and think she is so talented with her camera! I know this is 2 years ago....but I totally want to post this because I want to have a blog book made one day and would love this to be in it!

Aug 13, 2009


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I am so excited! I am set I least for now! I can't believe I actually made a collage by myself. Really, it means that Tawni is a GREAT teacher! Thanks Tawni! :)
So, I'm trying to go back through LOTS of things that have happened. I thought I'd start with the most recent. We were able to go up to Utah at the end of July, first part of August to visit my family and to go for my.........ready?.........20th school reunion! Impossible to believe, I know. HAHA. Anyway, we had so much fun with all of our cousins. I thought I'd make a collage of the Bustos clan first. Lucas is 5, Samuel is 3 and Aaron is 5 months. I'll include more about that Aaron baby once I get some pictures uploaded. He is something else. I love them all, but I couldn't resist Aaron's cheeks and rolls!

Aug 12, 2009

Wish I could Actually USE my resources!!!!!

So I'm a little frustrated tonight. My friend Tawni had me come over to her house for like 4 hours today. She walked me through all kinds of stuff and the thing I was the most excited about was the collages! I thought they looked SOOO simple and for sure I would be able to go home tonight and get caught up......okay so maybe not caught up (because there are like 12 years to catch up on) but still, I thought I could make a good dent. Well, I've been on this computer for like 2 hours and as you can see, I have no collages to report. I want to be a blogger! I really do! Why does everyone make it look so easy? UGH. OH well, I should get to bed because we have set a new family goal to get up every morning at 6am for scripture study. So, I better do that. Better luck tomorrow, huh? I will get this, even if it KILLS me!!!

1st day of school

I can't believe summer is actually over! I have to say I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I love having my kids around, but living in Mesa where it gets to be up to 118 degrees or so...there is just so much we can do to stay busy. So, here they are at the bus stop waiting and waiting and sweating. We realized that Abbie forgot her water I told Andrew's parents (little boy in blue in the picture) that I would go to the school to take Abbie her water and would check on Andrew since it was his first day of Kindergarten. LONGGGG story short, I peeked in to check on Andrew and his teacher saw me and asked me to come in and help for the morning. I tried to tell her I didn't have a child in the class, but she quickly let me know that she really needed the help and so, I helped on the first day of school and my child WAS NOT in the class. Kinda funny...