Nov 5, 2011

Time Out For Women 2011

Time Out For Women is something I look forward to every fall. My friend Lori Mecham is really involved in the event, and has had me come and help for the last couple of years. I LOVE being a part of such a great event. It is a time where we come to just enjoy ourselves, and celebrate the women we are. A time to realize that we are all struggling with something, and more similar than different, but with HOPE we can overcome all! This year, the theme was BECOME. I enjoyed it so much! I will have to say my favorite speaker was actually the one who came to do music. Hillary Weeks is AMAZING! She has a gorgeous voice, invites the Spirit so quickly and is HILARIOUS! We just sat and laughed SO much! Mostly because she helped us to laugh at ourselves.
2 of my room mates from college have kept up pretty well. Amy (Slade) Lemke, and Shanna (Wood) Fuhrimann. They came out just to attend TOFW. It's always good to get together with them. They are both such neat friends. We had a few days together, and just found ourselves laughing and reminiscing....and eating, and just having so much fun!

I definitely felt relaxed and ready to tackle anything after that weekend!
Sarah Wiltbank and her mom, sister and friend came and sat behind us. Actually, we saved them seats. There is a really neat story behind that. Last year, right after I got put into the Relief Society Presidency....we were planning the RS Birthday Party and decided we would go and hand out invitations personally to people who weren't at church to pick them up. Well, it got down to the end, and the Saturday before Enrichment night, I started driving around delivering these invitations.
Sarah happened to be outside talking to a salesman and I didn't want to interrupt, so I quietly and quickly said "Are you Sarah?" She said "yes"......I gave her the invitation and took off. I didn't know if she would even want the invite. I had never seen her.
Long story short, she showed up to the Birthday party and has been coming to church ever since then. I guess she had started back with her friends a couple of weeks before. But prior to that, she had been inactive for several years.
It has been SOOO neat watching her grow and change. IT's remarkable what having the Spirit does to you. She is such a great example to me.
I loved watching Hillary so much that I just HAD to go and get a picture with her! My friends were all shy about it, but I insisted. When it was finally our turn, Hillary said to me "I like your shirt!" And I said "I like YOU!" Ü
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I can't wait to go next year. I look forward to it like Christmas. It just leaves me feeling whole. I love that feeling! See you in the Fall of 2012! Can't wait!