Oct 14, 2011

Camping With Friends is MUCH better than alone!

Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE camping! That's terrible to say, but I don't really see the point to it. You are hot and dirty during the day, and then you are freezing in the night. LOTS of work to prepare food, and just plain not that fun. I know there are lots of people that LOVE camping, but I never did. HOWEVER, this fall, Shelly Turner put together a group of 5 families to go camping and I felt pressured into going. I have to admit, that I sent my family a day ahead of me, and I only stayed 1 night and 2 days, but it was REALLY fun!
Camping with friends makes for a fun time. The kids were all playing which left the adults to sit around in chairs talking, laughing, eating, playing games like cards and horse shoes. I couldn't believe I was enjoying myself as much as I was. I kind of didn't want to admit it. Stubborn ole me!
Talan Turner is my boy! I love that baby! He is so cute and I could just hug and kiss him all day. He feels more like my nephew than friend. I had a couple of pictures of me with him, but they didn't look so good, so I just put him in.
The girls had fun making crafts. Shelly and Katie made fun things for the girls to do while we were up there. We camped somewhere on The Rim near Payson.
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I am going to admit that THE WORST thing about camping is the toilet situation. I don't love to bare my bum in the woods and especially NOT at a tree or somewhere out in the WIDE OPEN SPACES! I thought it was bad enough to have a latrine or something. This is the main reason I put off coming for too many days cuz I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom that many more times. Dave Mahaffey was awesome and made a little potty out of a bucket so we didn't have to squat and get stuff on our pants. I guess I'm not a professional go-to-the-bathroomer in the woods. I thought Dave was being sweet to make the girls a pot, but really, he was tired of everyone wanting to come into his 5th Wheel to use his bathroom....so this is where he sent everyone to use the biffy.
David loves to camp. He just ate it up those few days. He went and did his little mobile shower every day and just hung out with the kids. "Bonding" time is what I call it.
We were all assigned a different meal to cook. Which is another reason why I don't love camping. I thought we would have to cook over a big open fire, and do that 3 meals a day. Shelly organized it all to have us take turns cooking for all 5 families for 1 meal. We provided the food, cooked, cleaned up and then were done for the rest of the trip. We brought our own munchies and drinks and stuff, but only had to cook one meal. Not bad huh?
The kids had fun games to play, and the boys especially had fun having air soft gun wars. In fact, the girls wanted to get into it and Malory Mahaffey asked for an air soft gun for Christmas!
I am totally game to do this again! I was kind of sad to leave that next night while everyone was sitting around the fire bonding. It was so much fun to be with these friends and I hope we do it again next year!!!
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