Sep 28, 2009

Eli and his fettish for Ears

I couldn't help but post these pictures of Eli. I don't even remember when it started, but Eli is now 8 1/2 years old and STILL loves ears! If you watch him, he will touch anyone's ears that he knows. These are really just a FEW pictures that I found. I know there are lots more! I remember one time visiting in Utah and hearing the boys crying upstairs at Autumn's house. I said, "What's going on up there?" The two boys came to the top of the stairs and Eli said, "Mason won't share his ears!!" I wanted to start laughing! How cute is that? It's funny now, he tries to be a little more descrete about the whole thing. He makes sure I don't get him in a picture with his finger behind someone's Lobe, but if you watch him, he will touch small kids' ears lots. Probably because they don't notice it so much. Sometimes I even find him touching Dave Allen's ears. It's so funny! Notice, there is a picture of when Rodd came to visit us. He laid down by Eli for his nap and ELi has a hold on Rodd's ear!

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Eli is such a fun, caring, and loving son. We love hiim so much! He keeps us smiling and laughing! Such a big heart! I can't believe how much they have grown up already!

Sep 25, 2009

We LOVE the Dentist? Really?

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I HATED to go to the dentist. Maybe it was because we didn't go that know like we do now. There seems to be a lot of "prevention" and not so much "fixing". My kids have had sealants put on their back teeth to avoid cavities. If only there was such an animal when I was a kid! We lived on the Indian Reservation and waited until we went up to visit our grandparents to go to the dentist. While visiting, we'd get all the work done we needed in one blow. And these were the days where the dentist would tell you to open as wide as a lion and then stick these clamps in your mouth to make sure you didn't bite him or something. Man oh man, I would come home with my WHOLE mouth NUMB! I mean really NUMB! Tongue, lips, and all. I was so wiped out, that I would try to take a pain pill. Couldn't feel my lips on the glass, so I would start drooling down my shirt trying to swallow a couple of pills. Then, I would lay down for a nap and wake up with bloody drool on the pillow. What a mental picture, huh?
With that lovely description, I am kind of freaked out by dentists to tell you the truth. I still HATE going there. Could it be that everytime I go, I need something MAJOR done? Probably. My mouth is worth SO MUCH MONEY! It makes me sick thinking about it actually. I can think of a lot better ways to spend my money! So, since I hate going, I wait until my tooth is waking me up at night and then I call the dentist with an emergency! By then, I'm in so much pain, I don't care what I have to go through or how much I have to pay, I just want to be able to sleep and NOT feel my heartbeat in my tooth! By the way, I DO brush and floss my teeth and gargle mouthwash. I was just BLESSED with rotton teeth!

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With all that said, my kids have been asking me when their next appointment was. Are you kidding? Wow! I would want to erase the appt. from my mom's calendar! We go to ABC Dentistry with Dr. Michaud. They are EXCELLENT! I am so happy with them! Fun little chairs to sit in, something fun to do while you wait, really friendly staff, and I love that they can all be back there at the same time! It makes the little ones feel more brave. AND for the final statement.....ALL 3 HAD NO CAVITIES!!!
Hooray! Now we ALL love the dentist! Do you?

Sep 22, 2009

Fast and Speedy Trip!

David found out last Wed. that we was being called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric. My first reaction was SHOCK. It seems like people are taken into the bishopric from the Elders Quorum. But what do I know? Obviously nothing. Pres. Peterson told David that he could call his dad to come and ordain him a High Priest.
I told him that Bob and Linda had just left THAT DAY to go to Ginger and Justin's house in Alabama and I was sure Bob wouldn't be able to make it for the ordination. David still wanted to call his parents and tell them about his calling. Well, Bob Crawford is such a good, sweet, kind, loving father and wanted to be there for David. It made me BURST into tears when I heard he was coming out to be there for him. He flew in on Saturday night and left Monday morning... what a gem! I have learned so much from this man. I am SO grateful he is my Father in Law. I actually just call David's parents "mom and dad" cuz I feel like they are my parents too. (Along with my own parents of course) What's wrong with having 2 sets of parents? More love, right?
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David felt REALLY overwhelmed when he was first called. I think the obvious reaction is to see all your weaknesses and insecurities...but after lots of prayer and meditation, he is ready to go to work and serve the Lord. Here are Bob and David in the evening after all the events had taken place. I couldn't help but capture the moment! Like father, like Son! (in more ways than one!) Hey, that rhymed!

Sep 19, 2009

Grown Man throwing a Tantrum, HILARIOUS!!

Here in AZ we have a Ranch Market. A place that has produce for cheaper. It seems to be a real popular place for the "snowbirds." You know, the old folks. I really do love old people, but sometimes they act a little "entitled".....and/or "grouchy". I could tell you more than one story, but the one that happened today is just plain funny my friends!

I had just finished putting my groceries in my car and PUT MY CART AWAY. The parking spot next to me was vacant except for 3 shopping carts that people had left there. Now, to let you know, it is NOT a big parking lot at all, so a normal rational person would have noticed the 3 carts in the parking spot and would drive right on by. But since this spot was right in the front, this man was DETERMINED to take that front spot. So, all of a sudden, the guy throws his car into park and get out of his white truck in a big huff! He's already starting his tantrum. He is CLEARLY angry that has been inconveniently made to move these carts. Now, the nice side of me thought, "help him move them" but then the logical side of me thought, "that will just enable him to throw a tantrum next time too." So, I just sat in my car and WATCHED.....
The guy very angrily throws his car into PARK and gets out. In a huff, he puts the 3 shopping carts together and gives them a big shove hoping that they will now know that he means business and should NOT be in his parking spot. Well, as you can guess, the carts were NOT obedient and started rolling back into his spot! I am starting to giggle now.....wondering what he's going to do next. Now he is NOT going to let those carts push HIM around, so he starts to drive towards them thinking he can just push them out of the way with his car! Nope, one of the carts falls over on its side and the other 2 are heading that way. He has to get out of his car AGAIN. Now he is TOTALLY mad! He gets out, bends over in a huff, picks up the cart that is on its side, and totally CHUCKS it at the store. (Remember, he's trying to get a front row spot, and front row is like a foot from the building.) Then he puts the other 2 naughty carts together and gives then one more big shove!
Oh my goodness gracious! I know we all have bad days, and sometimes we feel like throwing a tantrum, but c'mon....wouldn't you be embarrased to be seen chucking a cart and being more than determined to get that front spot.
By the time he went through all of that, he could've parked somewhere else, gone inside and probably be paying for his bananas! People can be so funny sometimes. Nothing more interesting than people! Right friends?

Sep 18, 2009

Not your normal Tea Party!

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I find myself saying and also hear people saying that kids just don't have the imaginations that we had as kids! Yes, my kids love their video games and stuff, but I couldn't help but catch a few shots of Abbie and Elyza having a tea party! I came upstairs because I heard the water running and saw that they had put on Abbie's swimming suits and jumped in for a tea party. I guess that's the way you stay cool here in Arizona. We don't have a swimming pool, but it looks like we invite friends over to our bathtub! Anyone else wanna have a tea party?
P.S. They didn't really drink the water, they were just pretending! WHew!

Sep 17, 2009

Bucket of Suds......A 5 gallon bucket of Laundry Soap for under $3.00


Ok....I know...I know....this LOOKS like breastmilk, but IT's Laundry Soap! Can you believe that? I am the biggest skeptic out there. And I am a person who likes my house and my clothes to smell CLEAN! I am not into that non scented stuff. No offense to anyone out there who is into unscented...
Anyway, at a time where I feel like I'm always trying to find a deal and doing at least 20 loads of laundry a week...yes 20...unbelievable, isn't it? It's because I have kids in sports and I do hair. Need I say more?
So, I went to Enrichment tonight and had a really good time. It was "back to school" and one of our classes was "science". So, this is what we learned to make.
Oh and by the way...the girl showed us a shirt and sock washed in TIDE and BUCKET OF SUDS and they looked the same. I will add DOWNEY to my laundry so it has the smell I love, but so cheap to clean? I'm TOTALLY doing it!

Get yourself a 5 gallon bucket..... fill 1/2 full of HOT water!

Mix together in a pan:

1 Bar of Fels-Naptha or Zote Soap (I prefer the smell of Fels-Naptha)
1 cup Borax
1 Cup Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

Grate bar of soap and put in large pan with 5 cups of water and stir.
Cook on Medium heat until soap is melted.
Add Borax and soda and cook for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat and add to your 5 gallon bucket.

Stir and let set for 24 to 48 hours. That sounds like a long time, I know...that should be good time to use up your other stuff. After the 2 days, mix with a whisk until completely smooth...

Pour into bottles and you're ready to start washing some laundry!
You may add fragrance by buying essence of perfume from an herb store.

3/4 cup for TOP LOADERS
1/4 cup for FRONT LOADERS

Fels-Naptha $1.79
Borax $2.98
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda $2.12

What would we do without crafty and smart people in church? I really don't know either! Happy washing! :)
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Sep 16, 2009

Surf's Up!


This summer we went to visit my brother Oak and his wife KaNeil. Oak works at the McDermont Fieldhouse, a place that is every kid's dream. Mason was able to try body surfing there. It is an amazing thing to have waves to cruise on inside of a building! Of course we watched a pro actually surf this, but we were doing well to get on a board and ride for a minute. It's funny to see people wipe out! When you just carries you back up to the top and then you go and wait for your turn again!
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I really MISS Aaron!

So I feel like I'm "cheating" today. LOL. It's kind of funny actually. like I said in my last post, I can't have any more kids. I am at peace with that, I really am....but sometimes I need to hold a baby! Well, when we were in Utah, I fell in LOVE with this cute little nephew of mine, Aaron. He is SO chubby and cute and SUCH A GOOD BABY! I held him any minute I could get my hands on him. I was so sad to leave him that I stopped at Autumn's house on the way out of town to see him again! Anyway, today my sister Autumn saw that I posted about my little friend here named Henry. I got caught loving another baby! Yipes! :) I know you're joking Aut...and you know I love Aaron like my own. Can't wait until you come down to see us and I can show your cute baby off! Love you!
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Sep 14, 2009

Oh Henry!


Since I can't have my own babies anymore....we find ourselves "adopting" cute kids that we all like. The kid of choice at the moment is HENRY WINFIELD. He is adorable! We just LOVE him! I try to hold him every chance I get! I'm so glad we are playing sports with their family, go to church with them and live in their neighborhood. I have taken him just for fun to the mall, and most Sundays he is on my lap. I have several comments from people wondering who's baby this is and wondering why I always seem to have him! I'm so glad Katie doesn't mind me getting my baby hunger out of my system holding Henry so much!
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Sep 13, 2009

Go Texans!!!

This year we have gotten to be really good friends with a couple of families here in our neighborhood. Actually, the Allens have been friends for a couple of years, but this year we have really gotten close with the Winfield family. Ethan is right in between Mason and Eli. Mason is 10, Ethan is 9 and Eli is 8. Ethan has been playing on a really good flag football team and recruited Mason to come and play. I'm sure I'll include more about his team this year since the team he is playing on is a really good one. Their coach is really into it! Anyway, I guess for security reasons, the kids can't have their real names on their shirts, so we were joking around making up all these funny names the boys could call themselves. Without us knowing which one they picked, as you can see boldly accross the shirts, the boys took on the names of OOMPA and LOOMPA! How funny is that?

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The team did really well! Ethan actually scored all 4 touchdowns, and Mason did an extra point. This was his first game playing with the TEXANS, so we look forward to Mason playing and scoring a little more in the next games.....

Is it ok to Bribe?


We told the boys if they scored we would take them to In and Out Burger for Lunch. So, as you can see, we enjoyed lunch together on a nice HOT Saturday afternoon after the boys' game. I don't know if we'll be able to keep this up each week, but it sure was fun for their first game!
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Eli the Orange Crusher!

Time to get the cleats and shin guards on! Here come the ORANGE CRUSHERS!!! Eli and Logan Mecham have been playing on teams together since they were 4 years old. Logan is one of Eli's BEST friends for sure! Usually Ben (Logan's dad) is the head coach and David is his assistant. That assures us being on the same team. Nice strategy, huh? Yesterday was their first game. They really did well! This is their first year playing on the big field. They have really come a long way....and WON their first game! Way to go!!!!!
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Sep 11, 2009

Priesthood Power Hour


This is an idea I got from a friend of mine. I really CANNOT take the credit. And I have to admit our family in NOT perfect at it....but a couple of weeks ago, we were on track and told the kids it was time to have our hour of doing Faith in God and to go get their books. On their own, they ran up, dressed up in their robes, put on sunglasses and came doing some funky dance down the stairs with their books! I started just laughing! I love it when we have fun doing the things we're "supposed" to do!
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Sep 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom! 10 Reason Why I Love YOU!!!

Isn't my mom so cute? I think so too! I think Amber must have scanned in a bunch of pictures, and I couldn't resist putting up such nice pictures that we grew up looking at! I love my mom and am so grateful Heavenly Father sent me to her!
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Well, it's only fitting that I post something about mom today. Not only is it her birthday, it's a really NEAT birthday! Mom and her numbers is something we will always remember about her. TODAY is her birthday. Sept. 9-9-09! Wow! How awesome is this? Too bad I didn't get it posted at 9am huh? Here goes the TOP TEN things I love about you no particular order....

1. I love that you have always loved me. You have made me into the person I am today. You are my number one cheerleader and have made me feel like I can be successful at ANYTHING I chose to do!

2. I love what a good cook you are and appreciate that you let me learn to cook as a young girl. I know your mom was too nervous to have you around, which makes me appreciate you even more having 7 kids and not telling us to get out of your kitchen! I love that you let your grandkids come and make cookies and brownies with you now. I have also tried to follow your example and let my kids cook too!

3. I love your laugh! You know how to make everyone around you feel like a million bucks! I always wanted to be like you in how you made friends and had people confide in you often. I love that you still keep in touch with friends from years past and make us all want to come and visit!

4. I love your testimony! I try to be like you in being a good Christian LDS person. I love that you taught us to be honest in all our dealings. I can still hear you say, "Is that (whatever you chose for the time) worth your integrity?" I love your knowledge of the gospel and appreciate all the devotionals you had for us. Thank you for the FHE and even reading me scriptures while I got ready for school sometimes. Thanks for helping me memorize the Articles of Faith and 10 commandments....I know I was a better missionary because of the preparation you and Dad gave me at home.

5. I love your GYPSY fever! Well, the gypsy fever you used to have anyway.... :) I am so grateful that even though we had 7 kids on a teacher's salary that you felt it important to have us save as a family and then took us on trips to almost 40 of the states! We might not have done it the way most people would....but that's what built us the characters we have, right? lol! I'll never forget when we took a trip on a GREYHOUND BUS to Florida. We must have looked like a Motley Crew, because I remember a bum coming up and offering us the couple of dollars that he had and you refused to take it and then he said "God Bless You!" We must have been quite a site for a bum to feel sorry for us!

6. I love that you made sure we had opportunities to develop talents! I'm grateful that I can play the piano. It really is so fun to me. And the dancing, well maybe we didn't perform with the Young Ambassadors or anything, but I'm still glad I learned to dance. In fact, the other night I was talking to a lady in our ward that is a fellow clogger! We were just laughing about how much fun it would be to do a dance now. I would look totally ridiculous, but that is another story...

7. I love that you always had a treat for us when we got home from school. My friends would ask what you had made for the day and would want to come home with me to share the goods!!!

8. I love that you taught me to be compassionate. You have always been good at serving others and putting others ahead of yourself.

9. I love that you never wasted your time. Now maybe I don't knit or crochet...but I have learned to use my time a little more wisely. I'll never forget the few times we would talk you into coming and watching a show or movie with us, and you'd say, "let me go get my knitting or something"

10. I love that you're my friend. I enjoy our talks and laughs. I love that you look forward to my calls or visits and feel like I am really important to you!

Mom, I hope this is such a nice birthday for you! You are a SUPER MOM and I love you so much!

Sep 8, 2009

Marriott Courtyard Hotel


I have had good and bad things with Priceline...mostly good though. I was trying to save money this time and got a "3 star" hotel this time....well we got there and found out the regular rooms were sold out, so they bumped us up to a Suite for free! Hooray! It was really nice! We had our own room and the kids stayed in the "living room" with a hide a bed couch. We both had tv's in our room, so it was really nice to have everyone happy. Actually, it was David and the boys watching College football (good job BYU vs. Okalahoma) and Abbie watching Mr. Rogers.... It was tempting to stay at the hotel, but we wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful San Diego.
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Our Sea World say the least

Since we have season passes, we thought we'd take advantage of them and go for the Labor Day weekend and have some fun family bonding. We left early Friday morning in hopes of having most of the day Friday to go to Sea World. Of course we didn't get off quite as early as we thought, but still got there by like 3pm.
Of course the first thing we like to go to is the Shamu Show. We love to sit in the "soak zone" and as you can see from the pictures, the kids got soaking wet! That water is COLD!
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To Tow or not to Tow.....

On Sunday, we thought it would be fun to go to church, visit the San Diego Temple and hit the beach. Well, as you can see from these pictures, the first 2 went right out the window. We started driving and all of the sudden the power steering went out. We thought we could drive to a shop to get it fixed. Well, obviously we don't really have car fixing skills. The car started to ding and stuff and we looked at the dashboard and realized the car was overheated. It was clear at the top saying "HOT!" We immediately parked and tried to call someone for help. These are the times we wished we had signed up for AAA. I tried telling them my in laws had AAA, but unless they are in our car, (the AAA members) they won't help you. Ok....we're having car trouble and nothing is open on a Sunday or even the next day because it's a holiday. I just started to pray. We really had a good attitude about the whole thing and noticed the little tender mercies throughout the day. We were grateful the car didn't break down during the drive there since we are still experiencing high heat. (112-118 degrees)....we were grateful that we were broken down on a day that much wasn't planned...etc. As you can see, once we called for the tow truck to come and get our car, the boys decided to have a little fun and play some catch. Why not?
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After the tow truck took David to the shop to get the van fixed, the kids and I rode the Trolley back to our hotel. That was a blessing that our hotel was downtown, so we could take public transportation back and be within walking distance. We really tried to enjoy our vacation in spite of the little adversity we had.


There is something different about the beach in San Diego. The sand is SOOOO soft and more white.
We barely made it to the beach in time to see the sunset. What a beautiful sight! I LOVE to watch sunsets! We were sad that we didn't get to play all day in the sun, but we still got to see the beauty of the ocean and sky.
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Next time we'll have swimsuits to really play. The boys still went in the ocean, but we don't really look like official beach bums here. Speaking of bums, we were amazed at how many homeless people we saw. It was a good life lesson to give to the kids reminding them how important it is to get an education and to work!

Sep 3, 2009

Great Grandma Jefferies


On both sides of the families, the only grandparent still alive is my Grandma Jefferies. (I am speaking of David's family and my family.) She is the only Great Grandparent my children have. We love her so much! She is a lively grandma for sure. She likes to tease and make jokes, but is also very loving and caring. Up until a few years ago, she made candy which everyone loved. I especially loved her toffee. She had a 2 1/2 acre garden which is very amazing. Whenever I go up to Utah, I make sure to cut and set her hair. We love you grandma!
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I'll be Home for Christmas (at least one of my homes)

We thought it would be fun to go to Utah for Christmas this year because we wanted a "White Christmas". The boys really wanted to ski and the kids all wanted to play in the we went to visit the Jefferies side of the family. Here we are with Nana Grandma and Grandpa after church.

One of my favorite memories is Christmas Eve at my parents house. I love that we all get together and sing a bunch of songs together, have Dad read the Christmas Story and then open one gift. Mom is usually notorious for giving practical gifts. I think she is determined to make sure we are "well prepared" in any kind of event. We have gotten wind up radios, foil blankets, dry pack meals and now you will see Rodd sporting his PORTABLE TOILET around his neck! What will be next? I don't even wanna guess. LOL I love you mom! You're the best!!!!!
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So much fun making Gingerbread Houses. I actually started this tradition years ago. I would go and get the niece and nephews and let them make their own gingerbread houses. Now, it's fun to have my own kids with Aut's kids making them! The funnest part is eating them. And notice Autumn is "wearing" hers! LOL!!!