May 25, 2011

Abbie's Baptism Pictures

Anyone that knows me knows that I feel guilty really easily. When Mason and Eli were baptized I don't remember it being so "the thing to do" to take a bunch of pictures. Anyway, my friend Tara Bowman took these pictures and did an amazing job! Abbie turned eight in May. Hard to believe! It seems like the years have just flown by. But I'm so proud of her that she chose to be baptized. She has such a strong testimony and teaches me everyday! She is such a great example to her friends. She has several friends who aren't members and she is so bold with them!



















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May 11, 2011

A little too much Mirror Time!

I think we've all done it, we go into the bathroom to brush our teeth and get ready for bed and we'll figure out how much we can stall going to bed. Well, maybe not as adults, but as kids. As adults we probably sit in front of them mirror making faces and seeing how we should smile for pictures and all that good kind of stuff.
I came up to see how the boys were progressing on their getting ready for bed routine and this is what I found! 2 boys looking like Alfalfa! I started to laugh. I should have scolded them and told them it was time for bed and to stop messing around, but c'mon...this is priceless! It will be something I'll hold over their heads when they are older! Maybe something I'll show their girlfriends! BLACKMAIL! Ü
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Love this one especially with the daffy looks on their faces! Boys will be boys...gotta love em!

May 10, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Mason!

I can't believe Mason turned 12! I remember when I turned 12. I couldn't wait to be 12 so I could go in the jacuzzi at the Rec Center. Ü I don't think there are age limits on things anymore. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I brought home my first baby. Mason has always been a good boy. He made me feel like a champ of a mom! He has always been good nature, well behaved and a good eater. He has always been a dream! There is something really special about Mason. He is well liked, a good athlete, smart, the peacemaker of our home and so handsome! (If I don't say so myself.) I'm not a proud mom, am I? Actually, Mason probably has an older spirit than I do. I feel like he's always teaching me. It is an honor to be his mom and to have him in our home. Now I will say, he is a big tease and does get Abbie all grouchy sometimes, he is NOT perfect, but I'm sure glad he's our son!
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We don't have parties every year, but we felt like this was a big we decided to have a party. Mason planned it, which is great for me. He wanted to play Dodge Ball. I have keys to the church, so we just went there and played Dodge Ball. Is this a legal thing? I dunno. Ignorance is bliss. I just hope you don't use me as the example that it's ok to have a birthday party at the church, cuz maybe we were in the wrong. But it sure was fun! And so easy to clean up, and big enough for everyone to fit....

They had a few tournaments and at one point we had the Crawfords against the rest of the party. SOO fun! David's parents came out to see Mason get the Priesthood, so were here for the party. So, it was David, Bob, Mason, Eli, Abbie and Me. WE WON!!! ONly because David is so good, but I like to have any kind of bragging rights that I can have.
They played hard and would come to take water breaks and having a few snacks. Did I say how easy this party was? Ü Nothing fancy, I know....but boys don't appreciate fancy anyway. Or do they? I'm pretending they don't!
As you can see, we DID obey the rule about no fires in the church. So, we took my lovely homemade and decorated cake outside to put some candles on it. DON'T look too closely at my cake decorating skills, cuz there aren't any! haha....It tasted good though. I love that Mason is so easy going and didn't care that I made the cake. I will say that Mason has changed this year. He's getting into the "cool" stage. I don't know what I think about that. I have gone to help at the kids' classes every year and this year he kind of acts embarrassed! Hey! C'mon, I'm the COOL mom....(at least I think I am. hahaha) But, I know this is when they really start worrying what their friends think. He still treats me well....he just doesn't want me coming up to his desk to talk to him. He just wants me to help and then go. I never thought it would come to this! hahaha...oh's part of life right? We reap what we sowed when we were younger.
Mason had to bring in a poster to be spotlighted and here it is. I love the baby pictures we put in there. I guess I kind of embarrassed him by doing it, but secretly I think he LOVES the attention. He just has to ACT like he's embarrassed!
Since turning 12, Mason has been able to receive the Priesthood. (Power given to worthy Males over 12 to act in the name of Christ). He has enjoyed passing the sacrament the last 2 weeks and wants to get to church early to help set up. He is such a great brother and son. I love him! I'm so grateful he is in our family!!!

May 9, 2011

Shnookie Doodle Came to Town...Riding on an Airplane!!

For my journal's sake...I have to include my sister Brook's nickname. For as long as I can remember, I called Brook Shnookie Doodle. She never really liked it, so that's probably why I kept calling her that. You know, the teasing sibling thing Ü. Now that we are older, I don't think she minds the name too much. It helps her to know how much I love her. This trip, we started making up a song to "Yankee Doodle Dandy" with Shnookie Doodle instead. Abbie proceeded to sing that song the whole time Brook was here! Kinda least I think so...haha....
Brook and Michael live in Florida now. Michael is in Residency for Dermatology. (I think that's what it's called). Michael had a conference to come to out here, so Brook and the girls came too! We had so much fun together! They were here only a few days, but I'm really glad our kids got to know each other. We haven't had them together since they were really small and they don't really remember those times.
Ebony is 9. She's a really sweet girl. She has definitely grown up. Very mature for her age. She and Abbie got along really well.
Erika is a little spitfire. We love her. Very fun, and also sensitive. She and Abbie were either having a ball or really not getting along at all! Sounds more like sisters, huh?
Here are those cute girls right before church. We were very impressed that their Easter dresses went so well together since we didn't plan out what they were going to wear. Aren't they just lovely? I thought so too!
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This is the Sunday that Mason got to pass the sacrament for the first time. So, he and David went a little early to church which left Eli at home with all the girl to have picture time. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?





They had never been to The Grand Canyon on Monday, we decided to drive to the South Rim. We laughed so much and had such a fun time! The kids were all great travelers. It was a 9 hour round trip....but we sure enjoyed it!
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Brook and Abbie are both the princesses of their family. Ü I just had to get them posing as we walked down the rock stairway to see the gorgeous Grand Canyon!







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To say the least, it was a very exciting and unforgettable trip! Especially that after I drank some of the "delicious Grand Canyon Water" I got the Rocky Mountain Quick Step! haha....I had to stop at 3 bathrooms and was worried I wouldn't make it home! Mercy! Last time I'll fill up my water bottle with THEIR water!

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The trip went by too fast. I wish I lived closer to my sisters. We always have a fun time together. We just need to get our own airplane or something! There has to be a solution to this problem! Wait, I got an idea! They should move HERE!!! hint hint.....

Actually, they had to leave after a few short days to go up to Utah. Erika was having Grandpa Jefferies baptize her. Michael and Ebony were baptized last year, so really, Michael could have baptized her, but she didn't want to feel "left out" so they went up to Utah for Grandpa to do the baptism.