Aug 28, 2010

Eli Boy's Poor Unfortunate Event!

It was your typical Friday....I went to go and get pizza and a movie for the kids so David and I could go out on a date and know the kids were having fun too. I pull up to our friends' house with the movie and pizzas and she meets me outside. "I think your son is going to need stitches!" I kind of thought she was joking. I mean, I was only gone 15 minutes. And 10 minutes ago, I had just called their house asking what movie the kids wanted to see looking at the titles from the REDBOX!

She let me know all the boys were carving sticks and apparently, Eli didn't realize that when using your pocket knife, you always cut AWAY from you. WHo's bright idea was is for the boys to have pocket knives anyway? I never gave them one! Mason went and bought one with his own money and knows how to use one. I didn't know Eli was trying his luck with one though. DARN KNIVES! SO....the front part of his thumb was pretty much a little flap. "Well David...let's go to the children's ER for a date!" Doesn't that sound fun? :)

Eli was NOT happy to hear that we would be getting stitches. He started crying saying he hated being himself. But, it had to happen! David gave him a blessing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood in our home. That seemed to really calm him down.
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Eli is waiting for the numbing medicine to work. Not a pretty sight is it? If you don't like to see doctor kind of shows, maybe you wont' like this post. It's all fascinating to me though. I got out my phone to take pictures. Eli at first was NOT happy I was taking pictures, but I assured him that he would be happy later. This for sure is one of those events that must be documented. I mean c'mon, not everyone nearly slices a thumb off!
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I love this place! It is a little Urgent care kind of thing by Phoenix Children's Hospital. VERY happy place to be. I love that they specialize in kids. GOOD doctors and staff! I mean, if you're going anyway, you might as well LIKE the place, right? Very happy, cheerful, bright place. We can use anything to get our kids to be more calm for a not so fun thing to do like stitch up a thumb.
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Isn't that a beauty? Man, it still kind of gives me the willies in my stomach! It's a perfect horseshoe shape.
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Well, the numbing stuff has kicked we moved to the main surgery room. There's Dad giving moral support from the side. I was holding Eli's hand. He was so scared! Poor guy. Here we are getting the wound rinsed.
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Half way through, Eli starts crying. I guess kids metabolize the medicine so quickly that sometimes it wears off really quickly! So the Dr. had to put more numbing medicine in his thumb to finish the job. This beaut took 12 stitches! Mercy!
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All done! The stitches look like a baseball! Why not? If you're going to have stitches, they might as well look cool like a baseball, right? Well, in the end....I think we learned a life lesson. NEVER cut towards yourself. Some of us can learn from others and some of us just need to experience it the hard way.

Aug 20, 2010

Summer Fun In San Jose

This summer we somehow managed to take 3 trips. 2 of them were to go and do hair and then we stayed a played a little bit. After all, we gotta take advantage of those business trips! We were so excited to play with our cousins! We got to know Aaron and Kimberly much better since they are living with Grandma and Grandpa Crawford for a year. Abbie even got to take a turn feeding Kimberly! What a great mom in training!
ONe of our favorite things to do with our favorite friends in San Jose is go to the beach and have a bonfire! We went with Langlois, Whitmarsh, and Dyreng families. I guess we were having so much fun that I didn't get many pictures! It looks like a really small group, but 4 families around the fire made for a BIG gathering! We sat around talking, laughing and eating until the police announce it's time to get off the beach! TIme sure flies there!
Our friends the Rachel and Richard WHitmarsh came out from Australia for a little visit. I guess it's a long visit. 3 weeks! I LOVE them! We tried to take advantage of our time got to do a few fun things together.
Donny and Michelle are such neat parents! I learn from them all the time! Michelle is quite an accompished musician and a GREAT mom! One night, I heard them in their room singing and playing little instruments and couldn't help but peak my head inside to see what was happening. How cute is this that they were all playing their little instruments while singing primary songs for Family HOme Evening.
IN the Summertime, Santa Cruz has dollar nights at the boardwalk. We try to make it there once a year. Here we are eating our dollar hotdogs and dollar drinks! Whatever we do together is FUN!
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The night flew by as we rode rides and ate Kettle Korn.
2 of my favorite people! Sara and Rachel. These girls are some of the reason that I LOVED living in San Jose! IT's all about the people!
Eli asked if he could try to shoot the basketball for a prize. I personally don't think it's ever worth your money to try to do that. But he kept asking, so I thought I'd teach him that lesson that it's a waste. Well, he showed me! He got it in the hoop and won a prize! GOod job Eli boy!
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Rachel is such a great friend! I love her so much! I really miss her! I don't get to see her very often now that they moved back to Australia, but whenever we get back together, we just pick up where we left off. We stayed an extra day just to be with them a little longer. We hope to go and visit them someday....hopefully sooner than later!

OUr last stop before parting ways was YOGURTLAND. WOW! That is Yummy! You get your own yogurt and toppings and then weigh and pay. What a great idea! OUr kids had so much fun together. Richard in his socks and Abbie with her black teeth. How much more fun could there be? IT was fun to reconnect again since we hadn't been together for 3 years. Thanks for all the fun memories!
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Aug 18, 2010

She Finally Lost it!

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My baby finally lost her 1st tooth at age 7! I can't believe it took so long! I guess that is supposed to be good, but if you ask Abbie she will tell you that she has waited forever and wanted to lose it a long time ago! She is in a hurry to grow up, so I am grateful that Mother Nature holds her back a little. I do have to say how funny it that since Kindergarten, Abbie has come home several days and asked me "When are my teeth going to start to wiggle?" It would come up from time to time when a kid in her class lost another tooth. By 2nd grade, it's no big deal that kids are losing teeth...they have already grown in their 2 big front teeth and everything.

Well...Abbie started complaining that her tooth hurt and that it was wiggling. I was so excited for her! Well now that she felt it, she wasn't very excited. She didn't know there was a little bit of pain involved with losing teeth! Soooo, she didn't let me touch that tooth for a good couple of weeks. Then one evening, I convinced her that it was time to get it out and that I would quickly pull it and everything would be over. She cried and whined, and kept asking me to pinch her arm for how much it would hurt. It was quite comical actually....Finally, I pulled it out and when she realized it wasn't as bad as she imagined, then she was instantly PROUD of herself! She went around telling everyone in sight that she lost her tooth!

The funny part is, she is short and little and is just starting to lose teeth, which is alot of the kindergarten population. So, people are always asking her if she's in Kindergarten or 1st grade...she quickly tells them "I'm in 2nd grade!" She is not happy that people think she is young. Isn't that funny? When we are little, we don't want to be little or young and when we get older that's all we want to be!!!! I guess that's just life.

Aug 17, 2010

RRRRiiiinnnnggggg!!!! School is Back in Session!

I don't have a cute poem to go with my post. I wish I was that creative! I am completely behind and need to post our summer activities....but for now I'll start where we are right now. I am probably the epitome of bad mom cuz I am one of those that is GLAD my kids are back in school. WHY? Cuz it's blazing hot here and nothing to do except for eat, watch tv, and play video games. Yes, I did try to get them to do some chores and they were on the swim team (another post for later) and I had them reading, but that only lasts for so long. When you don't own a pool, you are at the mercy of the community pool or a friend inviting you and if neither of those come to stay at home and play video games! I love these cute kids of mine, but want them to be SOMETHING and while I'm doing hair all day, they do that which takes the least energy.....

WIth that are some pictures from the eventful day....
Abbie in all her 7 year old glory. She has so much spunk in her! Just look at her pose! :) Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants! The fun thing was going to "Justice" to clothes shop! She was in HEAVEN! Let's just say she's 7 going on 17! Abbie is in 2nd grade this year. I can't believe it. She is so excited to go back to school. What a cutie pie!
Mason is the big 6th grader this year. Hard to believe! He is turning into a Young Man! He will probably pass me up this year. I guess that's not too hard to do when I'm only 5 foot 2! Hey, that ryhmed! He is LOVING this year because the 6th graders are over at the Jr. they get to have Jr High dress code which means he can wear SHORTS! Hooray for shorts since it's only 110 degrees at school everyday! The other kids at the bus stop didn't think that seemed too fair, but they'll get their chances right?
Eli boy is in 4th grade this year. He comes home SOOO much happier this year! I can't tell you what a difference it makes when your teacher is happy.
The Crawford 3 ready to take school by storm!
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Some of the girls at the bus stop. Now you can see why it's all so fun!
There seems to be this tradition of all the kids riding their scooters to the bus stop and then the parents bring them all home. Any exercise is good, right?

Our bus stop is just so fun this year! When we started at this school there were only 2 families there and now we have 8 families there! It's a party!

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Can't leave the boys out of the equation! We LOVE our neighborhood! We're a big family!
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