Jun 27, 2012

4 Families + 2 Boats = A GREAT Time!!!

We have had such a great time living here in Arizona. So many fun families that seem like our own family sometimes. The Lunt and Wilstead families invited us and the Turners to go on an exciting adventure to Roosevelt Lake. (Which is about 2 hours or so away from home.) It was such a fun day. Since there were 2 boats and one of them was a "party" boat, we were able to accommodate more people.... Ü We set up a little camp over in a cove. We had a couple of tables, a grill, etc. so we could stay the whole day. Funny thing was we didn't realize we were set up in the "Sheriff's cove" Haha....that was funny. They told us they have never had anyone try to set up a day camp kind of thing, but they let us stay. (after they looked at Jason's drivers license) apparently they came and talked to him while we were out wake boarding and stuff.
The Lunts have quite the set up. Jon's work is putting in sound systems, alarms, cameras, etc...into million dollar homes. Check out the sound system on his boat! Mercy. Charis is one of the most Christlike loving people I know. She is my Enrichment Leader in our ward. We work really well together. They have Rylan and Brooke. (They left Brooke at home with gma and gpa). Rylan was a good sport.
The Wilsteads are such a fun family. Casey is a total joker! He is also Eli's Sunday School teacher. We loved his boat. We loaded up lots of people and all of our stuff....dropped it off, and then pulled tubes and stuff behind for the kids to have fun. I loved sitting on his boat....we fit lots of us on there and would go out to where Jon had the kids wake boarding. That way we could all be together, instead of the 8 or 9 people going off by themselves. Also, just to show what a small world it is, Vanessa's sister married a guy I knew from Ricks College. Actually, his name is Jared Dotson. He marred one of my roommates....they ended up divorcing and then he married Vanessa's sister. Kinda cool.
The Turner family are really like FAMILY to us. We just love them! We love to do things with them! They are so much fun to be with. I especially have a soft spot for Talan. He is such a cutie pie!! Shelly and Vanessa had fun getting whipped around on the tube. It was funny to watch. And Jason did really well wake boarding. Hopefully we can do this again sometime!!
Mason found his new "favorite sport!" He tried wake boarding for his first time. It took him a couple of tries to get it, but once he did, he just LOVED it! It's so fun to have experiences like these! I wish we could provide this kind of stuff for our kids, but it's nice that we have friends that will invite us. We stayed until it was completely dark before we headed home. Talk about going for the WHOLE DAY!!! The kids went to the Lunt's to clean the boat and didn't get home until 12:30am.
Apparently I didn't get any pictures of Eli wake boarding. We do have video of it. He actually got up the first time he tried. He had a little harder time staying up, but he would get right up. Sometimes I was on a different boat and David had the cameras. So sorry to Eli for not having pictures of you wake boarding. He seemed to have fun riding in the boat, listening to the awesome tunes and tubing. He got tossed like a booger. We were just laughing watching him and Crew holding on for dear life!
Abbie had fun riding in whatever boat she was in. The party boat doesn't go quite as fast, so when it wasn't challenging for her to keep in the tube, she would stand up and try to act like she was surfing or something. Then Casey would stop really quick and she would totally fall. We laughed watching her be a little ham out there. Then she tubed behind Jon's boat and we laughed watching her and Cali try to hold on for dear life!
Apparently I didn't get a picture of David Wake boarding either. There was a time that I was over on the beach helping to cook hot dogs and getting kids lunch and stuff, but I know he did well. David is athletic and makes everything look EASY! He is definitely the kids idol. You wouldn't know he is 39....he acts like one of the kids still. We totally enjoyed being as a family and being together. Thanks again Lunt and Wilstead families! We had a blast!


Cluff Family said...

I haven't been to the lake in years. It looks like you had soooo much fun! Hooray for kind friends who have toys and share!

Sarah S. said...

I felt my body temperature dropping just looking at all the cool wet pictures. What a blast! How fun for your boys to try out wakeboarding.