Jul 25, 2012

Desperate People making Desperate FUN!

IT's HOT here!  I'm not going to lie!  I love everything about living here in Mesa EXCEPT for the 117-121 degree weather that comes during the summer.  The only thing we look forward to is the Monsoon Season to cool us off a little bit!

I will admit it is really humid and muggy an hour later, but oh what fun we have when it comes!  I have NEVER seen such crazy rain and huge lighting and thunder storms like I've seen here!  And the earth is clay here, so doesn't absorb the water very quickly.  So when it POURS rain and doesn't absorb, what do we do?  We go PLAY in it!  I know, kind of weird, but we can't play outside much in the summer....

... Nathan our neighbor friend is a BIG joker....he loves to pick on Mason.  Mason and I were coming to observe everyone playing in the water, but obviously Nathan though Mason should PLAY with them!  So he ran and picked Mason up and threw him into the water against his will.  Mason was a little irritated at first...cuz he thought the stuff in his wallet was ruined, but after he figured out that everything was ok....he was a good sport.

Doesn't this look like so much fun?  I was half tempted to get in too.  Well, not really, but the kids sure made it look like a lot of fun!  I was the self designated camera lady....

David watching the kids having fun.  Especially the boys making diving catches into the water with the football.  You can see him debating if he wants to be a part of this or not....

Eli plays hard.  He LOVES diving and sliding and anything rough like that.  Thus the reason for him wearing out pants and shoes faster than any of the other kids.  BUT he sure does have good ideas, cuz after watching him a few times, the rest of everyone joined in!

After Nathan got Mason wet, he decided to join in and made some amazing catches himself!

I love that David is such a FUN dad!  He is always out playing with the kids.   He is just as big of a kid as them!  He threw a lot, but had some great catches too!  I was a little surprised since he is 39 now!  There really is only about 2 feet of water, which isn't a lot to absorb the shock of your body hitting the ground.  But David was totally game for it!  Ü

Nathan Sherwood is the biggest kid of them all.  He was out there acting like a kid.  Dragging Mason into the water, throwing and catching.  What a fun way to spend the day!

Oh What do YOU do in the summertime? Ü

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