Jul 5, 2012

Never Thought We Would Be One Of THOSE kind of People!

I have always thought it was funny when people talked about their dog like it was a real part of the family and almost one of their kids.  I'm not trying to be rude, I just find it comical.  I mean c'mon, it's just a dumb dog or cat!

We grew up with animals.  We had dogs and rabbits.   I never really got attached though.  I hardly remember their names.  Maybe Scruffy and Lady are the only ones I remember.

Our kids have bugged us for years to get a dog.  Especially Abbie.  We kept saying "no".  I know, MEAN PARENTS....right?  We just saw no reason for one.  They are stinky, they shed, they bark, chew up everything, piddle on the floor when they get excited,  a BIG inconvenience when you go on vacation and have to find someone to take them, etc.     Anyway, I think you get my point.

Well, this year Abbie was tough on us.  She ONLY wanted a dog for her Birthday.  We said "then you're not getting a present, cuz we aren't getting a dog. "  And that was that.  She continued begging and pleading. She promised to pick up poop, walk the dog, and even to help pay for it.

LLOONNGG story short, her birthday came and went and we didn't find a dog.  BUT we  started to soften our hearts and felt  like we should get a dog.  The week after her birthday I went out to San Jose to do hair.  My in laws owned this cute little Shih-tzu named Maggie.  Isn't she cute?  They have had her for a couple of years.  We have always really liked her.  She is not trouble at ALL.  She is a rescue dog.  She was a breeder....and must just be SO WORN  OUT!  I would be worn out if all I did was be pregnant and have babies!!!!

Anyway,  Bob and Linda are on a mission in San Jose, but are gone for 10-12 hours a day and Maggie was so lonely!  I half jokingly told them that I should bring Maggie home and watch her for a year and a half and then they could have her back.   Linda said she was wanting to give her to one of her kids, but thought David didn't want a dog.

I had to buy an airplane ticket $75 and a pet holder with mesh so she could breathe and brought her home on the plane with me.

I LOVE MAGGIE!  I can't believe I love her so much!  She is such a CHILL kind of dog.  Others say she is boring and doesn't play, but I LOVE her!  She sleeps alot, likes the back of the couch.  She is a little cuddly dog and I love having her on my lap!  I have had so many clients offer to take her if I don't want her because she is so cute and so well behaved.  She is PERFECT for us!  Love you Maggie Mae!!!!

She complete the family.  Ü


Cluff Family said...

We have had a dog for almost a year now and the kids love her. I thought they would get tired of taking care of her after a week, but they really do love her. I'm glad you love your dog.

Stacey said...

hahaha, my mom and I are cracking up because this sounds just like Dusty! My mom says "too bad Dusty's fixed, or we should have gotten them together!"

Autumn said...

How fun that it all worked out perfectly! Glad Abbie got a dog :)

Sarah S. said...

What a perfect situation. She really is a cute dog. My kids ask every day for a dog. I feel them breaking me down a little bit every day. Enjoy Mggie!